How Would You Like To Add $3,000-$6,000 A Month To Your Business WITHOUT Developing Your Own Product Or Adding More Work To Your Plate?
The Steps To Join
STEP 1: Register For Your FREE Trial Of ClickFunnels
Over the next 3 days we will be using Clickfunnels to help you create a Real legitimate passive income online. You're about to get exclusive insight into my secret system that gets people to purchase from me everytime.

And I will be providing you with everything you need including my group coaching program, sales funnels and marketing resources to grow your business. (95% of the work is done for you)

Selling other peoples proven products online with Clickfunnels is the tool that I've been using for the past 2 years to make a full-time income and living online.

The button down below will give you access to your free 14-day ClickFunnels Trial, and once you click on over, you'll be asked to input your credit card information. I know, it doesn't sound cool, but trust me when I say that you'll be getting my FULL Attention every step of the way so you can make your first commission much faster... Even before the trail ends! If this helps, think of the Secret Bonus you're getting down below.

So get your Free trial below so you can be prepared for the training!
STEP 2: Learn How You Can Win Your Dream Car!
When you signup just 100 people, Clickfunnels™ will pay you $500 per month to get whatever dream car you want. 

When you get 200 signups, they will pay you $1000 per month. This is on top of the monthly recurring commissions you will be paid every single month for your signups.
It Sucks Earning Pennies For Your Hard Work!
Being an average affiliate is not enough anymore, and working hard for your commissions when all you get is pennies in return is heartbreaking.

In a matter of moments you can become great once again, and immerse yourself in an Affiliate Program Like Clickfunnels that will earn you 40% Commissions on EVERY purchase, not to menntion that you can earn up to $118 per person you refer. 

It's no longer about how hard you work, but how smart you can, and one where you can go to bed at night knowing you can make money while you sleep.

Amazon Associates, Shopify, Agency, All these models have one thing in common, you either have to sell TONS of physical products or you still have to trade time for money. That's why nothing has worked for you yet, and these are the reasons you can't automate your online business.
When Will You Ever Sell Enough Of Others Physical Products Or Your Own Only With Your Website? Who Are You Kidding?
More Obstacles WILL Surface...

Forget about how much can you make and instead ask yourself "When will I ever make enough?" That's the tragedy I faced as an amazon associates affiliate with my very own blog, thinking that I could make $1,000's upon $1,000's per month. But the reality is that we live in 2019 and not in 2008. Now more than ever before you can't just create website after website, competition is fierce.

You'll Have A Lack Of Time, Money, And Especially A Lack Of Knowledge...

Let's face it, when you start as a beginner, it's alright to be an amazon associates, but don't count on it to be your only source of income. If you stick to just that you will lose track of your precious time, Money that YOU COULD be earning with monthly recurring income, and all the time you "COULD HAVE" been getting your high income skills up and earning those 40% and higher commissions will ONLY turn into an "What If", and "I should have done this sooner."

Hey, I Get it, I Was Once In Your Shoes...

There's "let me take what I can get Michael" years ago trying to figure out how to make money as an affiliate, and I went straight into the health and wellness amazon niche blog location. I made great money over a year until the Google algorithms founds a way to literally burn  down my site...

With all the Google Updates, my little niche website stood no chance. These days, I've recovered it, and it's on the rise but I still want to ensure a safe and willingly knowing that I will get guaranteed commissions EVERY SINGLE MONTH. 

The Solution Is Not Trading Time For Money, Rather Making Money Work For You!
"Gurus" will feed you with this "secret" to making money load of crap, and if you listen to them, you'll just be another statistic, but if you turn the other way, you'll see a big huge sign that reads "This Is Finally The One"...

The REAL and LEGITIMATE solution has to be Getting LOADS of backend sales. What Do I mean? Every other affiliate marketing system ONLY gets your customers to the "frontend" of a product. Once they make a purchase, you only get paid that one time commision, leaving the rest of the sales to the vendor to sale to your customer.

Why would you want to let amazon or any other affiliate network do this to you, and lose out on big money? With The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program you don't have to worry on losing out on the backend. Owner Russell Brunson understands us an affiliate...

He's walked both our shoes, and has developed an affiliate program where you can earn on the front end and then he will upsell your customers all the way to the back end. Check it out:

Now I'm On A Mission To Help Out Others Like You! From getting sucked into false schemes, from getting out of ones that time and time again keep failing you. 
Who Am I To Tell You All This?
I remember the cold chilly day like it was yesterday...

I was at my 9-5, sitting deeply into my office chair inside of my 15 inch by 15 inch cubicle, just taking my break and waiting for the time to strike 2:30PM, and then it happened....

An old friend of mine named Tyson send me a Snapchat message, and I look at my phone to send him a message back. We must have chatted back and forth for about the whole duration of my 30 minute lunch break(good thing I didn't have a huge lunch), and we caught up. He told me about how he was in the trucking business now, and as for me?

I was looking for a way out of this place that never had valued me enough, I was underpaid, A post college graduate thinking that this job would get me above, but I was mistaken. I replied back to Tyson with an "Hey that's good, how do you Like it? I'm doing fine man, I'm good too. I've been thinking about going back to school to finish one more year for my bachelors, or take up some EDX training courses.

After I said that he immeiedetly replied back with a "Hey, have you heard about affiliate marketing?" UHH NO I said. Well, there's people making a side-hustle, a part-time and even full-time job out of it. No way right?

It sounded crazy but I thought to myself: "When I get home, It's research mode. I couldn't remember my car ride home that day and If I even worked, I was so distracted by trying out affiliate marketing. After watching One YouTube Video After the next, a blog post after another, I thought Ok, Let me do this!

I first put up a website, applied for the amazon affiliate network, put some content on my site and threw the products there. I also went onto Instagram and started placing my links in my Bio. BOOM, it's so easy....

NOT! I completely failed! I tossed up a Weebly and even Wix website that didn't get me the attention I needed on my products. No one on Instagram bought from me, they clicked but they didn't purchase. That's when I felt defeated as HELL. I closed my laptop after putting in work for a month straight and said tomorrow is another day.

When tomorrow came, I had work to Overwhelmingly go through - It was at the point where I knew I should have left, but I needed stability and to build up more on my resume. But it wasn't worth me staying much longer, grinding physically as well mentally at a minimum wage job that should be paying me well over $20/hour. Bad right?

Imagine not sleeping, and OH Yeah, 30+ people go relieved and I was one of them. Not my fault, just a company thing. Back on Benefits I went feeling ridiculous that I couldn't go out and spend money on a good meal, I had family supporting me, being in debt with school bills rising over $10,000!

This research really possessed me, and I wasn't going to stop until I knew there was a better way. So on google I typed in "affiliate marketing training", and I found a few training. I tried out one called Wealthy Affiliate and BOOM! (Happy Boom this time).

That's when I finally had a plan to do this "affiliate marketing thing" the right way. I used the skills I learned to publish blogging content for my health and wellness site, applied back to amazon associates program and started producing something valuable that was done correctly. But I still faced issues.

My traffic was low, and every time someone would purchase from me, it was only a front end purchase. So I went back and added email autoresponders so I can collect people information to resell to them and or build that trust with. After the first few months it worked, I drove them to my main offer as well other products suited for them, and I was making good money for months on end. Then google came out with updates for health and wellness websites and I was knocked down.

Should I turn it into a Shopify Store I said? I did for a time but it wasn't my cup of tea. Over the months my numbers drastically reduced and then some days I went up to $100, while others less than a dollar, seriously. So I went back to the drawing board after a year of focusing on my site and learned that people were making recurring monthly commissions off products that were like 30% and up on EVERY Sale. That's when my whole world changed...

I went from just having one source of income to another one that would guarantee me take home money at the end of every month. I became much more confident, I didn't have to rely on other people to buy a meal for me, feel socially anxious about being myself, driving without thinking about gas, and letting down my family. My finances got in order and my debt has been payed off.

A world renowned serial entrepreneur and former division 1 soccer athlete and then struggling employee to having launched over 10 products/companies that have done over 6 figures in revenue per year...
in 2017, he realized that none of his accomplishments would have been possible if it wasn't for what he learned from his mentors (authors, entrepreneurs and CEO's).
Everybody knows that the current education system is outdated but Michael decided to actually do something about it instead of watching from the sidelines...
Viral Affiliate Business In A Box is now the NEW primary learning platform for thousands of students, stay at home moms and dads, struggling employees across the world!
Imagine What Your Life Can Be Like If You Had Just One Ounce Of What I Have Now... Finally Being Able To Have More Time Freedom
Let me ask you a question...

What if you could wake up one random day, say a Wednesday... And spontaneously book a ticket to go travel to a new country?

I was recently in California then came home and took a trip around the Southern Border of Mexico in Rosarito. I must say it was a great time! But even when I'm out having a great time I'm STILL generating thousands of dollars...

How would that make you feel?
This is my so-called “paycheck” for one day:

And do you want to know the best part of this?
The best part is...

I will not only be getting this kind of 4-figure paycheck months after months, but it will be growing every single month, just like you having a pay raise for each for your paycheck.

Here's another one,  just in case you're doubting whether it's me who made that amount in just one day...Check out my post I made to a group trying to help others out:

But I just want to tell you one thing before I move on...

Most people going through this training that I put together will never accomplish these results that I'm showing you above.

And this has nothing to do with their intelligence or their capabilities to generate income online.

Actually, this business is more simple than you think. People tend to over complicate it and create confusion in their own heads for no reason.

To start making your first $100/per day or even your first $50/day, you have to meet these 3 requirements:
  • REQUIREMENT #1: You have to stop chasing "guru" after "guru". First of all, you will get confused by listening to many people at the same time. Second of all, you have to stop believing them when they say that you will get rich by pushing a magic button. This is a serious business and requires consistency, determination, and willingness to put in the work every day. I won't tell you that you will become a millionaire if you don't actually do that work that I tell you to do. I have created a very easy to understand game-plan that you can follow, but you still need to commit to it.
  • REQUIREMENT #2: You have to be coachable and open minded to the strategies that I will teach you. I can guarantee that the information that you will learn WORKS. I've tested it myself and create dozens of profitable sales funnels. But you have to be willing to listen and execute. I've been learning from people that are more advanced than me ever since I started out online. If you want to change your life you have to listen to people that already walked the path. Icon: Change the icons in the settings.
  • REQUIREMENT #3: Don't lose focus. Look, it's very easy to lose focus in this industry. Everyone is telling you to do a different thing and buy their newest opportunity. This is called "The Shiny Object Syndrome". Every time people see a shiny object they ditch what they were doing and go follow the new thing. If you want to make this work you have to stick to the strategy and do it UNTIL it works. If you stick to it, your life will change.
The Good Thing About Affiliate Marketing Is That...
You are your own boss working for yourself and not getting paid based on the number of hours you've worked.
Personally, since I've built up my website, it's working for me 24/7, and combining it with Clickfunnels has given me more income streams to earn from.

Even if I decide to take a break and go travel for a month, my website will still be there working for me.
In fact, there are times when I receive Email notifications informing me that I've just made a commission even when I was sleeping, traveling or doing something else.

That's definitely not gonna happen in traditional jobs, right?

So, can you start to see why Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended online business for anyone?
But Michael, I Don't Know How to Build Funnels :(
Don't be scared by the term "building your own funnel".

I understand this can be very scary for those of you who are not tech savvy.

But guess what, building your own funnel online is really NOT THAT HARD!

Even until today, I still don't know a single line of code. Listen carefully, I don’t know anything about programming.
So rest assured that building funnels will not be a huge obstacle nor will you have to worry about starting from scratch since I have done-for-you funnels. But only if you're following the right system :)
Your Next Step...
If you're interested in Affiliate Marketing, the business model that is generating a 4-Figure monthly passive income for a 26 year old College Dropout, my recommendation for you is to give ClickFunnels a shot.

It's the second place where I started off as a complete newbie when I was 24 years old.
  • I learnt how to build funnels without any programming knowledge
  • I learnt how to define my niche
  • I learnt how to drive FREE targeted traffic from Google
  • ​I also learnt how to choose and promote affiliate products to earn passive income online while I sleep and travel!
Just click on the button below, create a Free account with ClickFunnels and I'll be on the other side to guide you.

I Want To Give You You A Ridiculous Amount Of Bonuses For Getting Started With Me...
Top Earner Mentor Masterclass
($5,097 Value)
This is my Step-by-Step Blueprint showing you everything I do to build and grow a business from nothing to 6 or even 7 figures.

This will start at a beginner level, and show you everything you need to go from $0-$100,000 + a year online.

I'm going to show you how to launch your own internet business that is consistent, reputable, and predictable so that you can have more time to do the things you love doing without having to constantly check up on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Once you're in generating a consistent income, we will focus on scaling up your income so you can hit your $100,000 + year online goals.

After you go through my coaching program you will have all the knowledge you need to scale up to 6 and even a 7 figure online income, just like mu successful students who went through the training before you.
DFY High Converting Funnels
($14,997 Value)
The difference between Top Earners and amateur affiliate marketers is their own custom sales funnel.
Top Earners don't don't use the same funnels everyone else is using. 

This landing page you're on is the only funnel you will really need to run your business on, but...

I will be setting you up with the sales funnels I create and write the copy for to make sure they have all the right elements to make you sales.

It's interesting for me to make more sales funnels than just this one and see how they convert(that's the fun where being apart of clickfunnels come in).

I've also Mastered a business in the Health Space, and I'll be giving you those funnels for free, as well as helping you create them if you ever decide you want to explore that space.

For the past 2 years, I developed a Back Pain Website that is converting for me greatly, feel free to verify for yourself at my Instagram @removebackbackpain
If you have a sales funnel built for you from a third party, it will cost you between $5,000-$30,000 +
Right now my free starts at $8,000 to build you a funnel that converts and into buyers. You'll get it free.

This will save you money and frustration because you're getting access to funnels I create for myself that make hundreds of dollars for me every single day.
DFY High Converting Ads
I know how frustrating it can be to get your ads right the first time, let alone the 100th time, so I've taken out the guess work for you and I will be ready to give you my templates as an affiliate and all in the health and wellness space.

I am Google Adwords Certified, so you can count on me having only the best systems and testing done for you. Facebook ads will not have to be a chore, you can spend every second of your day consciously knowing that you have a "killer" ad that will not be disapproved by Facebook ads policies.

Inside one of my free membership courses, I have a specific section that will teach you all about Facebook ads, the copy to use, remarketing and so on.
Leverage My Bonus Package
($2,997 Value)
The difference between super affiliates who make sales effortlessly and amateur affiliates that struggle to make sales is a bonus package.

If you look at all top affiliates they will offer a bonus package to get their customers to buy through their link.

I'm going to save you the time, money and technical headaches that come with making your own product and trying to promote a physical product.

I'm going to let you leverage my bonus package and plug people into my coaching program so they can get the help they need too.

Your members will also be able to leverage all the same bonuses you do.

You can spend your time applying what I teach you to make sales and I will take care of training your members and providing them with everything they need.
UNLIMITED Traffic, The Million Dollar SEO, and Advertising Combo
($997 Value)
Most people that ever try to promote any products online, struggle to even make a couple of sales. On the other hand, successful marketers and affiliates that makes thousands of dollars per month in recurring income know how create irresistible offers that people simply can't say "no" to.

With the Affiliate Accelerator Training you will learn the step-by-step process (actual screen sharing) to start selling Clickfunnels™, or ANY affiliate product or offer to start building passive income online.

This same information could potentially make you a 6 figure affiliate marketer if you put in the work and treat this as a real business.

I'm opening all doors to my #1 secret system that has built my foundation as an affiliate marketer, and how you can seriously get UNLIMITED and long-term traffic EACH and EVERY single day!

Most people who join the Clickfunnels affiliate program have their mind in the right place but many are losing out on millions of people because they disregard the power of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and how to do content marketing the RIGHT way.

I'm not holding back, you will get every single paid and organic traffic source period. I hold you on this promise, that I even give you all my books for social media, and email marketing!

Even more amazing...You will get ALL my lead magnets and my perfect lead magnet that you can use to get people to beg to join you.
Done For You Email Swipes
($897 Value)
I give you my extra email sequences, plus broadcast, "the seinfield" and "opera sequences", my ad copies to every FB Ad post I've run, Instagram Post & ads, Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimzation(SEO) tactics and strategies.

You don't have to prisoned by one route of traffic, I will literally hand you over all my knowledge on how to create a successful blogging/content marketing website, and other traffic sources like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and then some.

The difference between "Wanna Be" internet marketers, affiliates, and business owners online are that they just promote, promote, and promote to their audience and guess what?

Some people will buy but it is not a long term strategy! Watch as I walk you through the REAL process on how to build out your email list so you can DOUBLE your email opt-in rate, open rate, and sales conversions.

After you get your email sequence setup, people will Literally be drooling over what you have to offer them. 
Video Training
($697 Value)
You'll get a free membership site from my mentors and I that will show you step-by-step videos so that will make everything much easier for you.

I'm giving you my YouTube videos with walk throughs in creating more value for your audience, and how to get them up the step-by-step "Value Ladder".

This membership course training will fast track your success, and you'll really get that AHA moment! There are also TONS of freebies, bonuses, copies that you can use to create your products, cheat sheets and so much more. It's truly Amazing how much you get for FREE.

You can spend less time worrying about reading dull information, and actually spending your valuable time seeing the process of how funnels, and earning commissions really work.

This is my lifes work about digital marketing all in one FREE Course!
10K IG Followers Program
($497 Value)
10 months ago I used to have less than 1000 followers in my Instagram profile...

I used to use Instagram to have fun, see what my high school friends where doing and just use it for entertainment.

But later I decided to apply my Facebook knowledge and find an advertising strategy that allowed me to generate over $200,000 in sales by posting simple posts and stories.

When I finally cracked the code, I recorded everything and put it inside a well organized program. When you join 10K IG Followers you will get access to this full Instagram training curriculum.

You may already have a business, or maybe you're starting with no prior marketing knowledge. In both of those cases... this is for you. 

I will give you all my blog posts tactics and show you how to grow you Instagram organically as well with a social media automation tool second.

Right now our focus is getting early success stories so we have case studies to showcase once we go live.

Plus, you will get access to my Instagram Mastery book, Facebook lead generation, Pinterest, and email lead generation books all for free!!
Facebook Lead Generation Program
($797 Value)
I have personally setup a funnel inside my own Facebook accounts - my page, my group, my personal profile to get more people to either opt-into your funnel, your list, to your group, your chatbot, whichever one!

I will make sure you setup what I call a "Facebook Hot Trail" where your Facebook will LITERALLY be turned into a funnel. This will be targeted traffic, warm to hot.

Private Facebook Group and Coaching Call
($197 Value)
I want to ensure you get the most out of your experience with Clickfunnels so much so that I offer 1 on 1 coaching and consulting.

You'll have the option to video call, or phone call with me where we talk about beginners to expert affiliate marketing and passive income tips, so that we find the right ground for you to earn more and worry less.

Not only that, but you will get my super affiliate mentorship along with the top earning affiliate Spencer Mechahms help too. Him and I both will fast track your success so that you don't have to spend countless hours figuring out how to properly systematize your business.

If you run another business or if you have aspirations of expanding, then I will help you understand your options and get you on the font foot and not on the back end where I once was.
Secret Bonus - The Dream Cheat Sheet
($9,997 Value)
This offer here is NO FREAKING JOKE. This has to be my favorite piece to all this and it will be your last puzzle piece that will bring you close to being a super affiliate.

If you thought my hard work was in my funnels, my membership courses or anything else, wait until you see this GOLIATH of about a 60 page pdf guide that walks you through step-by-step on how to not only setup your own CF account, but how to promote it the RIGHT way, how to promote different offers, how to find your audience, how to use ads and so much more.

It's setup in an 8-day sequence of what you need to be doing every single day to a "T".  Although this will come inside about the second day in your email I always update it, so you want to be a paid member of CF so you can get all the updates as I'm constantly adding even more to it.

This is trademarked, and it's my hardwork in a PDF guide that you will be thanking me later for. All my experiences, and hard work is inside.

You're in very good hands, I will literally guide you and help you every step on the way to become a super affiliate! I've designed this push and play system because I know that's what you get stuck with when you try to start an online business.

Let's get you to your time freedom so you can enjoy some sweet time with your loved ones.Trust in me, I've been winning all of my Life, It's in My DNA...Let's Go!
Total Combined Value:
**I'll send you all these Bonuses with the email used to sign up to Clickfunnels™ when you sign up for the 2 week trial to get instant access to all my courses, bonuses and done-for-you material. We will reply within 24 hours to give you access to everything.**

Michael Granados - SEO Expert And PPC Specialist 

I've been an Internet marketer since 2015 and Home-Based Business Owner since 2017. I'm an SEO first, Ad Specialist Second, and a bit more to that. But My passion and interest is in Search Engine Optimization. I earn 90% of my endeavors in SEO strategies Both Organic and Paid, and the rest is in every phase of Digital Marketing, that includes affiliate marketing client ranking, lead generation, PPC, as well as SEO services.
Passive income has enabled me to craft the lifestyle I’ve always wanted for myself. I’m a digital nomad. I travel non-stop and I’m absolutely in love with it.
In case you’d like to hear my story, read on at my about me page here.
If you wish to get in contact with me where I am most active, feel free to message me on Instagram @viral_michael
Disclaimer: The Federal Trade Commission’s newly revised Guidelines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising which became effective December 1, 2009 require the following disclaimer with regard to the endorsements and testimonials included in this site: Earnings and income representations made by Michael Granados, and their advertisers/sponsors are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results. The sales figures stated above are our personal sales figures and those of students that worked extremely hard. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them or make any money (or do anything for that matter). 
I have the benefit of doing internet marketing for 7+ years and have an established following as a result. The average person who follows any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.
All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.
Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels™ or its parent company, Etison LLC.
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