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When you signup just 300 people, Wealthy Affiliate will fly you out to Vegas! You are more than capable of achieving this goal.  

There are 7 Levels of training within what's called the "Bootcamp", and it will literally walk you through the process of starting out, right through advanced techniques to scaling and growing your business.
Even better is this...You can select your own Niche! Yes, you don't have to be strapped to promoting a companies products, rather you can select your own niche.
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Let me show you something real quick…
This is my so-called “paycheck” for the month of July 2018. (Total: USD$3,282.51)
And do you want to know the best part of this? 

The best part is... 

I will not only be getting this kind of 4-figure paycheck months after months, but it will be growing every single month, just like you having a pay raise for each for your paycheck. 

Take a look at the growth of my income since Jan 2018...
Can you see that it is growing exponentially?

My question to you is… 

Do you want to get results like this…? 

If you do, you’ve come to the right place and please watch this video to the very end because I will be revealing to you the secrets I’m personally using to get these kind of results at just 26 years old without finishing my bachelors degree and not having to work a 9-5 any more. 

To start off, I’m just an ordinary guy like you who wants to make money online and live the lifestyle we desire. 

Not only that, like I’ve said, I don’t have a bachelors degree or a 9-5 anymore., plus I had an aching back that stopped me from having to work. I’m just an ordinary person who grew up playing the game of soccer at an elite level, and who has gone through one job after the next. 

If you’ve been searching online for awhile, you’ve probably come across a lot of hyped up sales pitches before claiming you to make thousands of dollars within a week, a day or even a few hours time.

To be honest with you, almost all of them are not real. It’s impossible for you to start generating thousands of dollars within a very short period of time if you’re completely new to this. 

So the income proofs I’ve just shown you are mine and they are 100% real. I’m not giving you those unrealistic income claims just to capture your attention and take your hard earned money. 

Instead, my mission here is to show you how I realistically create my own 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income stream in 6 months time at 26 years old! 

Okay, so let’s not waste anymore time and dive right into explaining how this business works, alright?
Real Life Example 1: Uber
Let's take a look at Uber, a peer-to-peer ridesharing App...
Most of you should have taken a Uber ride before. Did you notice that there is an incentive program where you can get a discount or a coupon code when you invite your friends to take Uber? 
That's Affiliate Marketing! 
You're "getting paid" for recommending your friends a product or service you like.
Uber, a peer-to-peer ridesharing App
Real Life Example 2: Hotel Booking Websites
Another example is our hotel booking websites like,, Agoda or Expedia.
The similar concept applies. You can also get a discount or a coupon code when you invite your friends or family members to book hotels via your unique link on their websites. 
And this unique link is also known as your "Affiliate Link" or "Referral Link".
Online Hotel Booking website
Can you start to see why Affiliate Marketing is actually all around us but not many people are fully utilizing it?
Of course, I'm not asking you to go invite hundreds of people to take Uber and book hotels online. That's not how you create your own passive income streams. 

Those are just real life examples to help you understand the business model and show you that affiliate marketing is actually all around us.
The Good Thing About Affiliate Marketing is that...
You are your own boss working for yourself and not getting paid based on the number of hours you've worked.

Personally, since I've built up my website, it's been running for me 24/7. Even if I decide to take a break and go travel for a month, my website will still be there working for me. 

In fact, there are times when I receive Email notifications informing me that I've just made a commission even when I was sleeping, traveling or doing something else. 

That's definitely not gonna happen in traditional jobs, right? 

So, can you start to see why Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended online business for anyone?
But Michael, I Don't Know How to Build Websites :(
Don't be scared by the term "building your own website".

I understand this can be very scary for those of you who are not tech savvy. 

But guess what, building your own website online is really NOT THAT HARD! 

Even until today, I still don't know a single line of code. Listen carefully, I don’t know anything about programming. 

So rest assured that building website will not be a huge obstacle for anyone of you if you're following the right system :)
Your Next Step...
If you're interested in Affiliate Marketing, the business model that is generating a 4-Figure monthly passive income for a 26 year old College Dropout, my recommendation for you is to give Wealthy Affiliate a shot.

It's the place where I started off as a complete newbie when I was 24 years old.
  • I learnt how to build websites without any programming knowledge
  •  I learnt how to define my own niche 
  •  I learnt how to drive FREE targeted organic traffic from Google
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No credit card information is needed.
Just click on the button below, create a Free account with Wealthy Affiliate and I'll be on the other side to guide you.
Exclusive Bonuses You Will Get
Top Earner Mentor Masterclass
($5,097 Value)
This is my Step-by-Step Blueprint showing you everything I do to build and grow a business from nothing to 6 or even 7 figures.

This will start at a beginner level, and show you everything you need to go from $0-$100,000 + a year online. I'm going to show you how to launch your own internet business that is consistent, reputable, and predictable so that you can have more time to do the things you love doing without having to constantly check up on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Once you're in generating a consistent income, we will focus on scaling up your income so you can hit your $100,000 + year online goals.

After you go through my coaching program you will have all the knowledge you need to scale up to 6 and even a 7 figure online income, just like mu successful students who went through the training before you.
Leverage My Bonus Package
($2,997 Value)
The difference between super affiliates who make sales effortlessly and amateur affiliates that struggle to make sales is a bonus package.

If you look at all top affiliates they will offer a bonus package to get their customers to buy through their link.  

I'm going to save you the time, money and technical headaches that come with making your own product and trying to promote a physical product.

I'm going to let you leverage my bonus package and plug people into my coaching program so they can get the help they need too. 

Your members will also be able to leverage all the same bonuses you do. 

You can spend your time applying what I teach you to make sales and I will take care of training your members and providing them with everything they need.
The UNLIMITED Million Dollar SEO and Advertising Traffic Combo
($997 Value)
Most people that ever try to promote any products online, struggle to even make a couple of sales. On the other hand, successful marketers and affiliates that makes thousands of dollars per month in recurring income know how create irresistible offers that people simply can't say "no" to.

With the Affiliate Accelerator Training you will learn the step-by-step process (actual screen sharing) to start selling Wealthy Affiliate, or ANY affiliate product or offer to start building passive income online.

This same information could potentially make you a 6km 66 figure affiliate marketer if you put in the work and treat this as a real business.
Done For You Email Swipes
($897 Value)
I give you my extra email sequences, plus broadcast, "the seinfield" and "opera sequences", my ad copies to every FB Ad post I've run, Instagram Post & ads, Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimzation(SEO) tactics and strategies.

You don't have to prisoned by one route of traffic, I will literally hand you over all my knowledge on how to create a successful blogging/content marketing website, and other traffic sources like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and then some.
Video Training
($697 Value)
You'll get a free membership site from my mentors and I that will show you step-by-step videos so that will make everything much easier for you.

I'm giving you my YouTube videos with walk throughs in creating more value for your audience, and how to get them up the step-by-step "Value Ladder".

You can spend less time worrying about reading dull information, and actually spending your valuable time seeing the process of how funnels, and earning commissions really work.
10K IG Followers Program
($497 Value)
10 months ago I used to have less than 1000 followers in my Instagram profile...

I used to use Instagram to have fun, see what my high school friends where doing and just use it for entertainment.

But later I decided to apply my Facebook knowledge and find an advertising strategy that allowed me to generate over $200,000 in sales by posting simple posts and stories.

When I finally cracked the code, I recorded everything and put it inside a well organized program. When you join 10K IG Followers you will get access to this full Instagram training curriculum.

You may already have a business, or maybe you're starting with no prior marketing knowledge. In both of those cases... this is for you. I will give you all my blog posts tactics and show you how to grow you instagram organically as well with a social media automation tool second.

Right now our focus is getting early success stories so we have case studies to showcase once we go live.
Facebook Lead Generation
($297 Value)
If I would have known that I was sitting on a gold bucket while surfing my own social media account years back in 2017 and understood that Facebook is an ENORMOUS platform for generating leads on autopilot...Man would I have reached my success much sooner!
I'm going to show you how to setup your Facebook page, start a group, communicate with cold, warm and hot leads so that you ONLY get the RIGHT and BEST people interested in what you have to offer them. I show you with my other funnels like my pre-qualification survey how to get this done.
That's not even the best part. I'll walk you through step-by-step how to create your own funnel inside Facebook so people come to you ALL THE TIME.
Done For You Ads
($397 Value)
When it comes to "chow" time(getting leads and buyers) I will give you all my Facebook ad templates, copy, targeted audience not only in the Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing space but also my hard work in my first ever business - the health and wellness lower back pain niche.

Listen, I know how time consuming it can be if you don't have the right Facebook or for the matter any other advertising platform like Google, Bing, Instagram, etc.

So being that I'm not only an SEO expert but I'm Google ads certified, I've ran local digital agencies advertising and content creation campaigns, I will provide you with what's working all the time!
You can rest assured that my templates are golden and you'll only be seeing the highest of quality ad templates, creatives, and targeting for your niche. 
Coaching Call
($197 Value)
I want to ensure you get the most out of your experience with Wealthy Affiliate so much so that I offer 1 on 1 coaching, consulting, and my Exclusive Facebook Group.
You'll have the option to video call, or phone call with me where we talk about beginners to expert affiliate marketing and passive income tips, so that we find the right ground for you to earn more and worry less.

Not only that, but you will get my super affiliate mentorship along with the top earning affiliate Spencer Mechahms help too. Him and I both will fast track your success so that you don't have to spend countless hours figuring out how to properly systematize your business.

If you run another business or if you have aspirations of expanding, then I will help you understand your options and get you on the font foot and not on the back end where I once was.

You're in good hands, I will literally guide you and help you every step on the way to become a super affiliate! I've designed this push and play system because I know that's what you get stuck with when you try to start an online business.

Let's get you to your time freedom so you can enjoy some sweet time with your loved ones.Trust in me, I've been winning all of my Life, It's in My DNA...Let's Go!
Total Value:
How To Get All These Delicious Bonuses From A 6 Figure Affiliate

When you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus if you decide to proceed with becoming a PREMIUM member within the first 7 days(including a 59% discount).

When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be personally contacting you on your profile with a "hello" and some more information about WA, how you can get help from me, and how to claim your bonus.

Trust me when I say this, it is going to be some AMAZING stuff(hint: it includes how to make a $6 million dollar website, and I have tried the training for myself and it works!)
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